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Local Drywall Supply and Insulation Supply Store in Biddeford, Maine

Deliverty Truck with Boom can deliver to the 2nd Story FloorIn our store you will find a variety of wallboard, sheetrock and drywall supplies and products. Dube Drywall offers outstanding delivery service. Our experience in this drywall, sheetrock industry make us the number 1 source for commercial and residential building projects of any size. Drywall screws, sanding tools, drywall sanders, drywall tape and mud are all available at our local store in Biddeford, Maine. We don't just specialize in drywall, sheetrock we specialize in all the drywall supplies needed to do sheetrocking.

Available panels include regular, fire-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, water resistant, shaftwall liner, cement and tile backer, high abuse and high impact. We carry a full line of R-Values, blown in cullulose and blown in fiberglass. Foam board insulation and foam board foil faced insulation are a common purchase for many projects.

Foam boards, which are rigid panels of insulation – can be used to insulate almost any part of your home, from the roof down to the foundation. They provide good thermal resistance and often add structural strength to your home.

Corner Board or Corner Bead saves time, money and provides crisp corners. Typical uses include soffits and ceiling profiles which are not subject to abrasion since Corner Board does not use metal or plastic corner bead. Some owners now prefer Corner Board, but the scope for each project should be reviewed with the design team to specify shop-fabricated board shapes.

    We carry and distribute supplies from a variety of manufacturers: Drywall Delivery to Biddeford Saco Sanford Portland Old Orchard Maine      
    • Roxul Fire Retardant Insulation
    • Certainteed Fiberglass Insulation
    • Knauf Fiberglass Insulation
    • Dow Foam Board
    • R-Max Foil Faced Insulation Board
    • National Gypsum Sheet Rock, Drywall, Mud and Tape
    • USG Drywall, Mud and Tape
    • Continental Mud
    • Clark Deitrich Steel Studs
    • Ultra Flex off angle tape
    • Grabber Man Drywall Screws
    • Star Sales Drywall Screws

    Supplies You May Need to Install Drywall

    Utility Knife or Razor Knife, Drywall Knife, Tape Measure, Drywall Square, Mud Pan, Sanding Blocks, Drywall Mud, Drywall Tape, Sheetrock Screws

    Dube Drywall Supply Company 598 Elm Street Biddeford, Maine

    207-284-4721     -     888-333-9559

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